Hazmat Fire Permits

Hazmat Applications and Permits

The purpose of a Hazardous Materials Program is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of our city. We need up to date information so that we can address the concerns and hazardous conditions that pose a threat to life, property, and the environment. These hazards can come from fire, explosion, handling, and use of hazardous materials within the city limits. This hazmat permitting process is designed to educate and inform citizens and business owners about the hazards of hazmat chemicals that they may have on their property. It also informs the fire department of the types of hazards that are on your property so we can better respond to potential emergencies in a safe and responsible manner, without causing undue loss to life, property, or the environment.

Fire Scene

Our desire is to better serve the needs of the community and also comply with all State and Federal laws. Through issuing Hazardous Materials Permits annually, we will be able to bring the community in line with what is required by hazmat laws, national standards, and local ordinances. We rely heavily on the International Fire Code for our compliance standards and procedures. This standard is nationally recognized as one of best sources for fire and life safety standards.